The Result- a win and a gold medal!

Check it out! We’ve achieved an RHS Gold medal, and the title of National Young Designer of the Year 2011!

It’s been such an incredible experience, and a huge learning curve, and here we are having achieved a result we can all be proud of!  The effort that’s gone into creating this garden has been immense for all those involved, and being awarded a gold medal has brought us all a lot of joy. I can’t express enough my gratitude towards those who took the time to help make this vision come to life. ALl your hard work and effort is greatly appreciated. Now it’s time to catch up on rest, start planning what’s next, oh, and of course…drink some champagne!

Judging Day- The finale!

It’s all been leading to this!  The final day of assessors and judges visiting the garden, and boy did they visit!  At 8:30 this morning we were shooed off the garden and had to sit anxiously drinking coffee while the panel poured over every detail of our design.  Upon returning to the garden when we thought it safe, we were met with another group of judges!  In total it appears about 14 people visited and scrutinized the garden…the more the merrier!

Now we can sigh with relief as we’ve reached the finish line.  The judging is over and we’ve done all we can!  I’m so proud of our work, and can honestly say the garden is a space I would be very happy to live in (certainly would beat our 3 weeks of camping!).

With the meadow and the softness of the surrounding planting, together with the strong geometry of the layout, the garden achieves a wonderful balance, and feels completely at home in both a rural and urban setting.  The juxtaposition between the aesthetics has been achieved exactly as we intended, and that is the best result we could hope for.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


Days 11-15! It’s been a whirlwind week

So here we are at Day 15, judging day!! It’s been such a busy, exciting, and exhausting week, hence the blog being so far behind, and leaving you all in the lurch wondering about the progress of our garden!

I’ve decided to pull together the last 6 days into a single, very long, post so be prepared for many many pictures. The last week has entailed finishing the layout of planting, beginning to actually plant everything, finalizing the built elements of the garden, and general tidying.

We have traveled from a barebones geometric design through to a space brimming with life and colour and, the only way I can truly describe it, froth! The planting has really brought the scheme together, and with the amazing attention to detail in the finishing of the built features, such as the bridges and the river-cobbled gullies, we’ve achieved a garden far beyond our wildest conceptions.

I am so pleased with the final outcome, and so very grateful to all those involved in bringing the garden to life. It truly has been a fantastic team effort, and we all will get to celebrate in whichever result we achieve!!! So…on to a night’s rest before our big day tomorrow! And roll on the pics…..

DAY 11…

View along the narrow path, and the planting coming together section by section


In the sunshine- it was beautiful while it lasted!!


In the thick of it…


And then it’s a blur…


Once the planting really got underway, the garden began to knit together beautifully. The following pictures are a conglomeration of the remaining days of the build, eventually leading to the assessment and judging day which determines the final reward for the garden, though I must cornily say the real achievement has been the garden itself!!


Sunny smiling times


Ominous clouds


After the deluge of rain, but hey, we’ve gone official!


The saga of the bridges….green oak!


Which led to a less-than-happy-Lisa


But check out that final product!



Nic, the titivating fiend!


Bench in situ


Rainwater gullies


Details Details!


Those sexy pavers in place


It’s singing!


View along the intimate path


View along the avenue


The judges arriving!


The nearly finished garden on assessment day


Nearing the end