Our publications

Our publications

SFA has extensive publications in books and peer-reviewed journals. See the Shop SFA page for books and DVDs written and produced by our consultants, available for purchase.

Peer-reviewed journal articles and symposia

  • What Sleep Crime Tells Us About Consciousness – Michel Cramer Bornemann, MD, Scientific American, September Issue, 2012 (Preview)
  • Parasomnias – Carlos Schenck, MD, XXth World Congress of Neurology, With Africa, for Africa, November 12-17, 2011, Marrakesh, Morocco.
  • RBD as a Marker of Neurodegenerative Disease – Carlos Schenck, MD, Neurofisiologia 2011, October 24-27, 2011.
  • RBD: Update on Recent Studies and New Developments – Carlos Schenck, MD, 36th Annual meeting of Japanese Society of Sleep Research, World Sleep, October 16-20, 2011.
  • Dreams and Parasomnias – Carlos Schenck, MD, World Sleep Congress and 5th Conference, September 10-14, 2011, Quebec City, Canada.
  • Basic and Clinical Research Findings in Idiopathic RBD and Parkinsonian RBD – Carlos Schenck, MD, World Sleep Congress and 5th Conference, September 14, 2011, Quebec City, Canada.
  • REM Sleep Behavior as a Marker of Neurodegenerative Disease – Carlos H. Schenck, MD, Abstract, Clinical Neurophysiology 2011.
  • The Strong Presence of REM Slep Behavior Disorder in PD: Clinical and Research Implications (re: M/S #2011/377440), Neurology, September 13, 2011.
  • A Novel Therapy for REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) – Carlos H. Schenck MD, Patricia A. Arneson RN, Michal J. Howell, MD, Clinical Sleep Medicine.
  • State dissociation, human behavior, and consciousness Mahowald MW, Cramer Bornemann MA, Schenck CH. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 2011 (in press)
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction vs. pharmacotherapy for primary chronic insomnia: a pilot randomized controlled clinical trial Gross CR, Kreitzer MJ, Reilly-Spong M, Wall M, Winbush N, Patterson R, Cramer Bornemann M, et al. EXPLORE: The Journal of Science & Healing. March-April 2011; 7(2):76-87.
  • Violence in sleep Siclari F, Khatami R, Urbaniok F, Nobili L, Mahowald MW, Schenck CH, Cramer Bornemann, Bassetti. Review Article, BRAIN. 2010; 133:3494-3509.
  • Long-term maintenance of restless legs syndrome with gabapentin enacarbil: a randomized controlled study Bogan R, Cramer Bornemann M, Kushida CA, Barrett RW. Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 2010; 85:512-521
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction for solid organ transplant recipients: a randomized controlled trial. Gross CR, Kreitzer MJ, Thomas W, Reilly-Spong M, Cramer Bornemann M, Nymann JA, et al. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. 2010;16:30-8
  • A case of reversible restless legs syndrome (RLS) and sleep-related eating disorder relapse triggered by acute right leg herpes zoster infection: literature review of spinal cord and peripheral nervous system contributions to RLS.  Mahowald MW, Cramer Bornemann MA, Schenck CH. Sleep Medicine. 2010;11:538-85
  • Potentially lethal behaviors associated with rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD): review of the literature and forensic implications Schenck CH, Lee SA, Cramer Bornemann M, Mahowald MW. Journal of Forensic Sciences. 2009;54:1475-84
  • Sleep related automatism and the law Pressman MR, Mahowald MW, Schenck CH, Cramer Bornemann M, Montplaisir JY, Zadra A, et al. Medicine, Science and the Law. 2009;49:139-43
  • Parasomnias Mahowald MW, Cramer Bornemann MA, Schenck CH. Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. 2009;7:441-4.
  • Potentially Lethal Behaviors Associated With Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD): Review of the Literature and Forensic Implications, Journal of Forensic Sciences, accepted for publication Summer/ Fall 2009, Schenck C.H., Lee S., Cramer Bornemann M.A., Mahowald M.W.
  • Health Law: Role of the Expert Witness in Sleep-Related Violence Trials, Virtual Mentor, American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, September 2008, Vol. 10, Number 9:571-577, Cramer Bornemann, M.A.
  • Sleep Forensics: Trailblazing a New Discipline, Medecine du Sommeil 2008 (The French Journal of Sleep Medicine), Cramer Bornemann M.A., Mahowald M.W, Schenck C.H.
  • Finally—Sleep Science For The Courtroom [Guest Editorial]. Sleep Medicine Reviews 2007; 11: 1-3. Mahowald, M.W., Cramer-Bornemann, M., Schenck, C.H.
  • Alcohol-Induced Sleepwalking Or Confusional Arousal As A Defense To Criminal Behavior: A Review Of Scientific Evidence, Methods And Forensic Considerations. Journal of Sleep Research 2007: 16: 198-212. Pressman, M.R., Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H., Cramer-Bornemann, M.
  • Sleep And Sex: What Can Go Wrong? A Review Of The Literature On Sleep Related Disorders And Abnormal Sexual Behaviors And Experiences. Sleep 2007; 30: 683-702. Schenck, C.H., Arnulf, I., Mahowald, M.W.
  • Pathophysiologic Mechanisms of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports 2007; 7: 167 – 172. Mahowald,M.W., Schenck, C.H., Cramer Bornemann, M.A.
  • Parasomnia- Clinical Features and Forensic Implications. CHEST 2006 605 – 610. Cramer Bornemann, M. A., Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H.
  • Sleep-Related Violence. Current Neurology 2005 . Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H., Cramer-Bornemann, M.
  • Parasomnia Pseudo-Suicide. Journal of Forensic Sciences 2003; 48: 1158-1162. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H., Goldner, M., Bachelder, V., Cramer-Bornemann, M.
  • Parasomnias: Sleepwalking and the Law. Sleep Medicine Reviews 2000, 4:321-339. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H.
  • Medical-Legal Aspects of Sleep Medicine. Neurologic Clinics 1999;17: 215-234. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H.
  • An Analysis of a Recent Criminal Trial Involving Sexual Misconduct With a Child, Alcohol Abuse, and a Successful Sleepwalking Defence: Arguments Supporting Two Proposed New Forensic Categories. Medicine, Science and the Law 1998;38:147-152. Schenck, C.H., Mahowald M.W.
  • Complex Motor Behavior Arising During the Sleep Period: Forensic Science Implications. Sleep 1995;18:724-727. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H.
  • A Polysomnographically-Documented Case of Adult Somnambulism With Long-Distance Automobile Driving and Frequent Nocturnal Violence: Parasomnia With Continuing Danger as a Non-Insane Automatism? Sleep 1995;18:765-772. Schenck, C.H., Mahowald, M.W.
  • The Role of a Sleep Disorders Center in Evaluating Sleep Violence. Archives of Neurology 1992;49:604-607. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H., Rosen, G.M., Hurwitz, T.D.
  • Sleep Violence – Forensic Implications: Polygraphic and Video Documentation. Journal of Forensic Sciences 1990; 35: 413 – 432. Mahowald, M.W., Bundlie, S.R., Hurwitz, T.D., Schenck, C.H.

Book Chapters

  • Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep. by David K. Randall, August 13, 2012. Chapter 8: Bumps in the Night, Cramer Bornemann, Mahowald, and Carlos Schenck
  • Forensic Medicine Issues: Violent Parasomnias. In: Smith, H.R., Comella, C.L, Hogl, B., Eds. Sleep Medicine. Cambridge, U.K., Cambridge University Press 2008. Cramer-Bornemann, M.A., Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H.
  • Practical Considerations and Clinical Caveats in Polysomnographic Interpretation in Sleep-related Breathing Disorders. In: Friedman’s ENT Atlas of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Published by Elseviers Science 2008.
  • Violent Parasomnias: Forensic Implications. In: Handbook Of Clinical Neurology 2007. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H., Cramer-Bornemann MA.
  • Violent Parasomnias: Forensic Medicine Issues. In: Kryger, M.H., Roth, T., Dement, W.C., Eds. Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, Fourth Edition. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Elsevier Saunders, 2005: 960-968. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H.
  • Violent Parasomnias: Forensic Medicine Issues. In: Kryger, M.H., Roth, T., and Dement, W.C., Eds. Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, Third Edition. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company 2000; 786-795. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H.
  • Sleep-Related Violence – Forensic Medicine Issues. In: Chokroverty, S., Ed. Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations, and Clinical Aspects (2nd Edition). Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann, 1999;729-739. Mahowald, M.W., Schenck, C.H.

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